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WF Delauter
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by WF Delaughter & Sons Webmaster on WF Delauter
MHSA gives WF Delaughter & Sons A rating

The Maryland State Highway Administration has given WF Delauter & Sons an A rating.

MHSA A Rating

by Karen GOss on WF Delauter

We wanted to share this email that we received letting us know that our crews went above and beyond.

 Dear Mr. Delauter,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to your organization and specifically for the care that your crew under the direction of Mr. Kevin Wetzel extended to my family during the recent construction work in Frederick, MD in the Spring Ridge development.

 My father lives with my sister on Spring Forest Road in the Spring Ridge development, and her house is directly next to and in front of the work needed to be done to install a sewer pipeline for the houses being built behind her home.  As you are aware, the work involved tearing up the road and side yard, which often caused the entrance to their house and garage to be inaccessible.  My father is currently using a wheelchair, and requires a great deal of assistance in transport.  I was so concerned about how I was going to work around the construction work to safely get my dad to his many doctors appointments that week.

Your crew was nothing short of amazing.  They were thoughtful to my situation,and did everything they could to ensure that I was able to get my dad out of the house and into his van.  I spoke to Mr. Wetzel about the fact that I was not able to manage the wheelchair on a steep incline (which is what my sister's house sits on), and that my dad would need to be put in the van from the garage to limit the distance I had to push the chair.  It is difficult to express in words how thoughtful the entire crew was to making sure we could do just that!  Not just once either!  He had multiple appointments that week (it was critical that he keep those appointments, as rescheduling would have meant waiting additional months and months to be seen by these specialists) and your crew never made us feel that it was any inconvenience to them to stop and allow us to enter and exit the house via the garage.   They stopped equipment, moved equipment, and asked if they I needed anymore time to manage the situation. The level of respect they all had for our situation, and the way in which they worked to ensure our needs were met was beyond my expectation.

 My dad was so impressed on one particular occasion (as was I).  We returned from an appointment and the entrance to the house was completely cut off.  Orange cones lined the area in front of the driveway,and massive equipment was in use.   When we approached, they stopped the machinery, moved the machinery and  the cones to allowed us to pass so I could unload dad in the garage!   Not only did that ease my dad's mind --as he did not want to cause any disruption to the construction, nor did he want any "special" attention, but the way in which they just did what was needed without it being any big deal, made him feel so much like he was not a "problem" to be dealt with.  That was really a wonderful and very thoughtful thing your crew did  for us.  When I thanked them for such kindness, they shrugged it off as no big deal, and simply indicated that our comfort during the construction was as important as the work they were doing, and not to give it a second thought.  Well, I did give it a second thought, and I am so sorry for my delay in following up with you after my initial call to your office, as I shared my dad's health continued to decline and he was hospitalized shortly after we spoke.  He is out of the hospital and in rehab at this time.

 Honestly, I have shared the story of how amazing your crew was to us during that time with several people.  It made a emotionally and physically difficult time less so for my dad, me and all of our family. Thank you so much for whatever it is you do to share such a work ethic with your team members!  It does make a difference, and for that I will always remain very grateful to WF Delauter.

 I hope you will extend my heartfelt thanks to Kevin Wetzel and his crew.  They really deserve it!

Warm Regards,

Karen Goss

by Dean Jacoby on WF Delauter
Operations Manager

Kirby Delauter has proven he is a man of his word anytime I have had the pleasure of interacting with him and his company. If he says he is going to perform work, he does as he says he would. It's refreshing to see this type of dedication and commitment this day and age. If and when you need to team up with a contractor to help with your project, WF Delauter is the company to call if you are looking to have a job done right.


Dean Jacoby

by Robert Wormald on WF Delauter
Great Work

Kirby and his staff have completed 3 projects for us and we have hired them to do two more. They are on our short list of preferred site work trade partners.

Their service is professional, neat, efficient, on time and within budget.

We thoroughly enjoy working with WF Delauter.

I’m happy to recommend their services and expertise.

by Matt Holbrook on WF Delauter
Job Well Done

WF Delauter & Son helped us do the site work for a commercial project In Frederick. The job was a great success and it was a pleasure to work with them. They are professional, responsive, and resourceful. They overcame many obstacles including rock, mud, and winter conditions without endless change orders. I would highly recommend WF Delauter & Son and look forward to working with them again soon.

by Autumn Hollis on WF Delauter

Kirby Delauter has been a tremendous supporter and sponsor of our annual golf tournament which raises money to support various needs in the local community. His generosity has been forthcoming year after year without hesitation. He loves Frederick County and cares about those who live in it. I want to thank you for always being a big part of that special day that helps make a difference in people's lives every year.

by Heather Delauter on WF Delauter
Excellent Service!

Kirby and his team did an excellent job digging a foundation for me and removing debris from a new construction site. They also are my dumpster delivery service for a rehab of home business and offer same day delivery and excellent customer service.

by Kimberly on WF Delauter
Thorough, Professional and Friendly

Kirby and his team did an excellent job removing a large dirt pile and surrounding debris. Kirby was easy to communicate with, his team was friendly and did a great job. They finished up the work quickly at a more than reasonable rate.

Thank you!

by Gil Zmithrovitch on WF Delauter

If you want a real sitework contractor that works and is effective – where you know you will get results- use WF Delauter. When a lot is riding on a project you have to be sure that the outcome will be positive and I can’t thank the staff at WF Delauter enough for assisting us in getting to this point. As the GC and owner sitting 400 miles away, it is comforting to know WF Delauter will go the extra mile to get the work done.

I would strongly recommend WF Delauter.

Gil Zmithrovitch

Primax Construction, Inc.

Pinehurst, NC

by Jonathan Pembroke on WF Delauter
Reliable and Consistent

For years WF Delauter has been one of our preferred site contractors. They are professional, honest, reliable, and they consistently deliver a high quality, finished product on time & within budget.

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